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Get themed event packages delivered with our Incredible Space Party Boxes!

Our Lost in Space Event | Space Theme | Galaxy Party Boxes come with three content option levels. So you can choose your event box selection to create your perfect space themed event.

If you are looking for a party from ten people to thousands then we can provide these party supplies and themed events to your! Designed to make your next party incredibly easy!
We also offer a wide range of additional party content and hardware which can be added to our Standard, Pro and Ultimate packages. Check out our additional Party Supplies.

Any questions or bespoke event requirements just contact the team now.

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space theme, lost in space, galaxy party

More Space Balloons?

Add Large Astronaut Balloons?

More Glow in the Dark Decorations?

space theme, lost in space, galaxy party

Make it Glow in Space?

Add large Space Rocket Balloons?

Add some 15cm Glow Sticks?

space theme, lost in space, galaxy party

More Space Flags?

More Space Lantern Decorations?

More Inflatable Aliens?