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party flags


Incredible Party Flags

So one of the great things that has come out of 2020 is that we finally got around to designing and ordering 2000 custom flags!

Because we made the designs it means we are the only place in the UK you can get flags with these design!
The flags are fully recyclable polyester, made in high quality with extra stitching for strength plus, having been in events for 15 years we decided to add eyelets / grommets into each corner which enables you to hang the flags in any fashion you like!
The party flags are all 150cm x 90cm (5′ x 3′) and are printed on one side, although when hung up you can also see the pattern on the other side in reverse.

We are also planning the next 30 designs for our next order so we are looking to extend the range through the rest of the year.

Our designs are perfect for Kids Birthdays, Adult Birthdays, Theming Rooms (Snugs | Man / Woman Caves), House Decoration, Parties, Event and more.

For more information on our fantastic large themed party flags then contact us now.

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