Giant Confetti Machines

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giant confetti machine

Giant Confetti Machines 

At Incredible Events we pride ourselves on having some of the best fan powered Giant confetti machines in the UK, in fact the world!

We have built up quite the armoury of giant confetti machines over the years and now have a range of three different machine types. 

These include are you EU 500 which is the largest fan powered confetti machine in the world*. This enormous confetti machine has the ability to send confetti over 25m and is capable of filling the requirements for theatre shows TV sets festivals stadiums large indoor venues and pretty much every venue that requires a huge confetti show.

We also have our standard 350 confetti machine which is capable of sending confetti over 10 m and this is perfect for a range of indoor shows nightclubs, university events, birthday parties, special occasions and more.

These units can be used individually or several together from different areas to ensure that the confetti show is maximised if required.

We also have our special 350 quiet unit which sense confetti over 8 m and is designed to be much quieter than your standard son confetti machine is. These machines are brilliantly utilised for theatre shows, weddings, TV production or occasions where you want the large confetti effect but are conscious of the sound made.

As always these machines are available to add any of our packages for event production and (we will bring and operate these machines for you) and our latest addition which is that these machines are available for dry hire which means they can be collected from our HQ in Cheltenham and returned.

Along with a range of large confetti machines we have a very large range of confetti / flutter fetti which can be used in conjunction with these machines. We have hundreds of kilos in stock and over 30 different confetti types so you can choose the perfect confetti to match your event. 
As always we offer free quotes so if you’re interested in more information on the massive confetti machines then contact the team now for more information would be happy to hear from you.
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*this is our understanding 

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