Event Production Terms and Conditions

A: CANCELLATION: An event will be considered fully booked once a venue confirm an event via email or message. If your company uses a purchase order system, then only confirm a booking via email once this purchase order has been officially approved. Failure to do so will leave the venue subject to the cancellation fees below.

In the event of cancelling a booking you will be subject to a cancellation fee, the guidelines of which are as follows:

Cancellation prior to 14 days of the agreement 50% cancellation fee.
Cancellation within 14 days of the agreement 100% cancellation fee.
Cancellations will only be accepted in writing – verbal cancellations will not be accepted.

B: ACCESS: Incredible Event Production will require access to the venue at a time convenient to Incredible Event Production Ltd. Failure to provide access when required will render the venue liable to full payment of the fee as well as potential additional fees. Any issues with suitable access should be raised with Incredible Events prior to the engagement. Incredible Event Production also require a suitable ladder (ready to go on arrival) / scaffolding tower. Scaffolding / Ladder must be pre built by trained venue staff on our teams arrival, to appropriate height for access to the highest part of the venue.

This scaffolding or ladder must and also assembled / provided immediately after the show or prior to the planned derigging day.  If a suitable ladder / tower can not be provided the contractor must inform Incredible Events within 14 days of the booking, and there will be a charge to provide suitable access materials.

If any of the requirements outlined are not adhered to by the venue and this causes a delay to the event production / de rigging, Incredible events will charge £25 per hour, or part hour for any delay. This delay time will be determined by Incredible Events Ltd. If Incredible Events have to return on a different day then all transportation costs at 45p per mile will be paid by the venue plus a £15 an hour charge for any staff member provided. (including travel time)

C: EVENT PRODUCTION – SET UP / RIGGING: Incredible events reserve the right to set up the packages / event equipment into a venue in any way deemed suitable by Incredible Event Production. Incredible events reserves the right to remove powered fixtures and fittings in the venue in order to provide elements within the event packages. It is also at Incredible Events discretion what is used inside the venue and the method in which all items we provide are attached into the venue. If there are any limitations at a venue they must be provided in finite detail in writing more that two weeks prior to the event date. Also if there is a lift / elevator at the venue this must be empty and available for the exclusive use of Incredible Events Ltd.

D: POWER: Incredible events require 13a power supplies to run equipment. If there is not suitable 13a power available then some details of the packages / content may not be available. In this case the full fee is still due.

E: FORCE MAJEUR: If the venue are unable to perform by reason of any cause beyond the companies control such as National Mourning, War, Strikes, or lock-outs distinctly affecting the venue, or the order of the Licensing or any Public Authority having jurisdiction. In any such event, notice must be given to Incredible Events forthwith, failing which reasonable expenses must be paid. Also if for the same reasons Incredible Event Production Ltd can not provide an event there will be no charge to the venue.

F: INCAPABILITY: In the event of illness, incapacity, or any event beyond the control of Incredible Events, including the failure of transport or equipment, Incredible Event Production will not be required to perform this engagement and in such an event Incredible Events will not be responsible for any loss of any kind suffered by the contractor. In the event of Incredible Events being unable to install the proposed equipment in the venue, alternate solutions will be looked at at their discretion. Incredible Event Production may offer discounts on this basis but a discount and the value of this possible discount are completely at the discretion of Incredible Events.

G: EQUIPMENT DAMAGE: During the events and during all time that any items owned by Incredible Event Production is on site, all equipment is the responsibility of the venue and the venues management / security teams. In the event of any damage to any of the Incredible Events equipment the venue will be subject for all fees to repair . If deemed necessary by Incredible Event Production Ltd Equipment may need to be fully replaced which cost will be covered in full by the venue. If the equipment is de rigged / packed down by the venue any damage will be paid for by the venue. All equipment replacement will be done on a new for old basis.


H: PAYMENT TERMS: 100% Proforma VAT is payable on all items. For partners eligible, Invoices that are not paid within 30 days of the completion of an event will be subject to a 20% increase.

I: INSURANCE: Events are covered by 5 million pounds public liability insurance. For a copy of our insurance documents email info@incredible-events.co.uk.

J: EQUIPMENT / PACKAGES: Incredible Events Ltd reserve the right to amend any the details equipment / packages quoted without prior notice. We will always ensure to fulfill the quoted content but on rare occasions we may have to change / remove some items. All sizes quoted are guidelines only.

K: PHOTOGRAPHY / IMAGE RIGHTS: Incredible Events Ltd reserve the right to take photos of any equipment provided. We also reserve the right to have usage rights of any photos / videos taken during the events by any persons inside the venue when Incredible Events equipment is on site. If you use a photographer for your events then please ensure they are aware of this condition if Incredible Events have equipment on site.

L: CONFETTI MACHINES: The venue are to ensure that a suitable trained staff member over 18 years old is responsible for operating the  Incredible events confetti machines. The machines are provided as dry hire only. The volume of confetti should be controlled to not leave any significant quantities on the dance floor. The venue is to ensure that there is an immediate clean up of any residual confetti after every use of the machine. The venue is also responsible for providing rubber flooring / carpet for any confetti events. Failure to complete, or if bespoke flooring deemed unnecessary by the venue then any subsequent claims made in relation to the confetti machine and its output are the sole responsibility of the venue.

M: POST EVENT: Incredible Events Ltd reserve the right to pack down and collect the event equipment used at a venue any time within 28 days post the event completion, at the convenience of Incredible Events. If the venue would like to pack down / de rig the event equipment during this period, this must be done carefully with the approval of Incredible Events Ltd by an experienced member of staff.  If this is approved by Incredible Events Ltd, any damage will be paid for by the venue. The venue is to ensure that the area covered by any incredible equipment is clean and dry on arrival.

N: LIABILITY: Incredible Events shall not be liable to the customer for any direct or indirect or consequential losses, damages or inconveniences suffered or incurred by the customer under this contract due to any of the circumstances.


  • Please ensure that all people are at least 3m from the machines during operation.
  • The machines are provided to the venue as dry hire and fully at the venues responsibility for location, operation and safety.
  • The controller has 4 settings A – D. You will Only Need A and B – On (B) and Off (A)
  • The units have a total run time of approx. 6 mins.
  • We recommend the operator to use them in 5/10 second blasts only.
  • Please ensure there is no sensitive equipment / items in line with the machine output.
  • The units must not be run dry of the titanium pigment as it can break the machines. If this happens the cost of repair / replacement will be the responsibility of the venue.
  • Whoever has the controller to ensure that they do not exceed the run time, there is a hopper which can be checked by lifting (and always replacing afterwards) the small circular plastic lid on the top.
  • When the machines are heated (all four red lights are solid) please ensure the controller is in a safe location and the buttons can not be accidentally pressed. The warm up is approx 4 – 8 mins
  • We recommend turning the machines off between extended blasts.
  • At the end of the show please ensure the machines are switched off at the unit and power source.
  • If only one machine comes on with a button press just point the controller towards the unit not firing although this is a rare occurrence.

If you are unsure about anything related to this product please contact us on 07733 140 087

P: Incredible events reserves the right to collect the items when convenient to Incredible events. It is the venues responsibility to store and safely protect all items during any period post event. It is also the venues responsibility to provide access whenever required by Incredible Events.

Q: INFLATABLE DECOR. Our Inflatable decor is usually 1.5m - 2m in size and must be sufficiently away from customers at all times (minimum 2.5m from the floor below). If the inflatables do not fit into a venue as we require, the responsibility for protecting any inflatables that are in reach of customers / staff is on the venue. Any damage or loss will be charge to the venue, this must be paid within 7 days and any delay will result in further costs being added at the discretion of Incredible Events. Alternatively the inflatables can be left out of the packages but there will be no refunds for any element of the packages not provided.