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vip sparkles, smoke fluid, confetti cannons

Incredible Event Content. We have a wide range of VIP Fountain Candles, Confetti Cannons and Smoke Fluids to make sure your party is perfect.

Offering some of the best rates on all of these products in the UK we pride ourselves on delivering high quality services to the UK.
Our Candle Fountains are great as VIP Sparklers or Birthday Sparkles / Birthday Cake Sparkles. Available in 12cm and 15cm variations. Both are a beautiful silver holographic style, great for all special occasions. The 12cm sparkles for approx. 20 – 30 seconds. And the 15cm sparkles for around 50 – 60 seconds.
Check out our Candle Fountains event content:  12cm | 15cm

With our Confetti Cannons / Confetti Blasters / Confetti Cannons.

Incredible offer a wide range of Handheld and Electric versions available from 20cm to 80cm. Include single colour, multicolour plus biodegradable paper and also Metallic foil options.
Offering amazing value on our Confetti Cannons. Wholesale options also available.
Check out our Confetti Cannons 

We also offer Smoke and Bubble Fluids.

Using the best fluids available on the market and suitable for virtually every machine. All of our fluid are all high quality and water based. Wholesale options also available.
Have a look at our Atmospheric Fluid Range event content.

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