Animal Events

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Animal Themed Events

Animal Events

At Incredible Animal events are one of our most popular themes and packages and party boxes is often our Safari / Jungle / Zoo theme

It’s also one of the packages that we are incredibly proud of as we have a vast range of event decorations and seemed very content for this theme.

Starting off our animal themed branding is our range of animal inflatable décor. These animals hello approximately 2 m in size and are a fantastic addition for virtually any animal themed event. The animals that we have available include tigers, lions, penguins, wolves, gorillas, elephants, rhinos, polar bears and monkeys.
As well as these inflatables we also have six different large 1.5 m flags depicting a range of animal themed images from zoo party flags and lion flags to Safari flags and camouflage flags.
And then come the additional accessories! These include over 20 different blowup inflatable animals which to be added to all of our themes (most included), giant cardboard cutouts of gorillas and of the legendary David Attenborough! Plus we offer green themed bunting, glow sticks and confetti to really set off your animal theme show and take your party to the next level.
These animal/  safari / jungle/ animal events are available as themed event packages for production, seem to think packages for hire, and available as party boxes both as for party boxes for adults and also bespoke children / kids animal theme party boxes.
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Bulk Confetti Bags

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bulk confetti bags

Bulk Confetti Bags

At Incredible we have been using and working with confetti for almost 20 years and have a range of Bulk Confetti Bags available. 

At the start of this journey we discovered something called flutter Fetty which is actually rectangles of paper or metallic confetti which falls approximately eight times slower than standard confetti squares. This means that you get a far better effect from flutter fetti compared to confetti.

When we invested in our first joined confetti machine the effects and benefits were obvious and the love affair began!
We now have several hundred kilos of confetti (flutter fetti mainly!) in stock at all times and this includes over 30 different confetti/flutter types, styles and colours. This means that for a vast range of themed events, shows, special occasions, weddings, theatre shows, TV productions, stadium events, festival confetti shows and many more that we have the perfect confetti for all of these occasions.
We also have the ability to sell confetti and 1 kg bags on their own but also offer a wide range of wholesale confetti and bulk confetti bags options for customers and clients.
So if you’re looking for a large amount of confetti, that’s high-quality and also at some of the best prices in the UK then contact us now it’s incredible as we can deliver this to you.
As mentioned earlier the two confetti types offer a different perfect for your show, the metallic confetti/Flutter fetti has a spectacular effect as the metallic element of the confetti reflects the light and therefore can give some unique and stunning effects.
The paper/tissue paper confetti also offers a fantastic effect and also has the added benefit of being fully biodegradable.
So if you are looking for more information on our bulk confetti bags then incredible events confetti is the place to be! For more information contact the team now and will be happy to help.
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Bulk Confetti Bags

Children’s Party Ideas

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children's party ideas

Children’s Party Ideas

Planning a kids birthday? So at Incredible we have some great Children’s Party Ideas.

As parents ourselves at Incredible we understand that making the little one’s special occasion of their birthday as close to perfect as we can it’s often something that we worry about and spend many hours planning and thinking about months in advance of the children’s birthday date.

Incredible we understand this (having been to ourselves and spent literally hundreds of hours on our kids own children’s party) and so have now put together a range of quality children’s birthday theme ideas which means you can choose from three levels of content (Depending on the size of your party) and we can deliver themed party pack to your door with the theme of your kids choice. 

As with many of our Children’s party ideas packages we blend together fantastic content and things to give out to the kids to keep entertained during the parties plus a fantastic range of themed event decorations so you can dress the venue/room so when the children walk in you really will see all the kids eyes light up in amazement at the theme.
Our kids packages also include a range of tableware (mostly paper) which means you can carry on the theme throughout mealtime and has the packages a comprehensive means that you save time trawling round the Internet trying to find good quality party content and and great children’s party ideas in one place.
The 21 of the themed event packages that we have to our party boxes can also be used for children but these do not have the tableware included to can be bolted on to pre-existing children’s party or you can buy one of the standard pro or ultimate theme party boxes and add tableware to that which is available in our shop.
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Themed Events UK

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At Incredible we pride ourselves on our vast range of Themed Events.

We have been sculpting our range of events over the last decade and are constantly editing, improving and adding to our range of themed parties.

For 2021 we now have a range of over 30 themed event packages. These theme packages are perfect for a wide range of special occasions, parties, events, life shows and more.

All of our themed event packages blend a range of themed event decorations and inflatable theme décor with good quality themed event content and party ideas.

On top of this range of 30+ themed events we also have five new theme packages which we are working on investing in at the moment to make sure we have some fresh new content for 2021 and beyond.

Some of our most popular themes include Animal / Safari / Jungle events, Full Moon shows, UV based events, 80s and 90s Retro parties, Unicorn events, Love themes, Halloween and Day of the Dead themes, Space parties, Dinosaur / Prehistoric / Jurassic events, Beach / Hawaiian / Aloha / Summer / Sea parties, Festival Theme, Hippy / Flower Power events and many more.

What are the things that the Covid pandemic has added to the incredible event themed events repertoire, is that now not only how are fully produced events available as always cost the UK with a highly motivated, skilled, safety driven team with always a fine attention for detail…

Now virtually all of our themes I will available for hire/dry hire. That means that we arrange a courier to deliver the high-quality equipment to both consumable and equipment to be returned to your show door with instructions of how to put up the kit and then after your show we arrange a courier to collect the kit and return it to HQ.

That means that all of our themed events are now available in a cost-effective way to be able to produce the shows using your own team.
As always and Incredible events we love to hear from you if you want some more information and a free quote of how we can make your next show Incredible then contact the team now.


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themed event hire