Bring on 2021 Events

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2021 events

2021 Events

With the events industry so adversely effected in 2020 due to the C-19 pandemic at Incredible we have been severely effected of course. But as we are sure many other have, we have remained positive, kept things in perspective and most importantly looked how we can improve our events, shows, hire and products when we return.

Developing new themed events are some of the things that we look most forward to, and we have several events in the pipeline and despite the financial implications faced have continue to invest in the future so our range of 2021 events which we believe are the best value themed events in the UK have been expanded further. These new events will be released in 2021 and we cant wait to show them off!

At Incredible we are also very proud of our event production team. We pride our self on high quality attention to detail and with safety of our staff, our clients and customers as a paramount. Before 2020 we never used be involved with any events we didn’t produce ourselves, honestly we were always concerned about damage to our equipment which, due to the premium nature have cost us a lot financially.

However after lots of thoughts in the last few months and procedural organisation, for our 2021 events onwards we have now been able to offer 95% of our themed events as hire / dry hire packages! Which means that venues can have all of the equipment couriered direct to the door and collected after the show and can save the cost of production, and particularly the cost of us travelling to and from the venue. It also means now that our events are available to the whole of the UK at very competitive rates.

We have never been so prepared as we are when we all get the green light to return to making special moments for people with live events.

If you are interested in a free quote for 2021 events on any of our service contact the Incredible team now

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